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Roland P. Panares

Hi! We are Manong's Tasty Lechon Cebu presently in Manila to explore the market. Currently, we are doing tie-ups with several restaurants, caterers, hotels, etc.

Just in case you might be needing Cebu lechon, you may reach us at 7032133 or thru Smart mobile 0908-3237727. Or check:


you should have put the street foods in the philippines. the isaw, tokneneng, IUD, adidas and more. i was wondering where did you take the pictures during the fury of milenyo?


Click here to see some recipes of Adobo with potatoes!

ehhh? Adobo with potatoes?!! what the....I didnt know there are people who cook adobo with potatoes...


That sounds as delicious as it looks, but a recipe without telling me how much of the ingredients to use? Arrgh! I need details, please!


Mmm, gutom ako! Bring on the dinuguan next! ;)

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